Isaac Stern (1920-2001)
Alexander Zakin (1903-1990)
Sir Robert Mayer (1879-1985)
Sir Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997)


Aline Elisabeth Yvonne (née De Gunzbourg), Lady Berlin (b. 1915)

Home of the Berlins, Headington, Oxfordshire
8 May 1977

This photograph of the Russian-born violinist, Stern, at far left, his pianist, Alexander Zakin, businessman, Robert Mayer, and the Berlins, was taken just before Stern was to perform at benefit concert at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. 

Group portraits are less common in Schwartz’s oeuvre. As the photographer remarked to Berlin, ‘I wasn’t pleased with these pictures…if I’d had more time, I would have done so much better.’ However, Sir Isaiah countered that he thought they were quite good. 

Photo © National Portrait Gallery, London

Photo © National Portrait Gallery, London