Sheikh Sufyan Khalidy
Sheikh Hilmi El-Muhtasib (1906-1982)


Sheikh Rajab Tamimi 

Office of Sheikh Hilmi El-Muhtasib, Arab quarter
Jerusalem, 18 April 1976

Sheikh Hilmi El-Muhtasib (at centre) was chairman of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem and later served as head of the Islamic Higher Committee and Director of Sharia Affairs.

After photographing the Sheikh alone, Schwartz began putting his equipment away when the interpreter informed him that the Sheikh’s two associates would also like to have their portraits done. After photographing the three together, and having packed up completely, the interpreter asked why his portrait hadn’t been taken as well. Bern obliged promising him the full treatment with lights next time.

Photo © The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation

Photo © The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation