Flipbook test page

1) Sample that is searchable, and has thumbnails allowing you to jump between pages. You need to be in fullscreen mode to use both of these features.

Notes: The search feature is possible on this book, since this flipbook has been made from the source files for the book, rather than from scans of each page. For the catalogs that we scanned (Contemporaries, and the NPG catalog), the search feature is not readily available, since each page is actually and image, rather than live text. I can convert them, and then we could try the search feature-- would take a little more time.

The thumbnail feature is available on any or all of the flipbook catalogs.


2) Sample that has linked Table of Contents (only the first three listings are linked) which jumps to the corresponding page on the flipbook. This sample also has page thumbnails (available in fullscreen mode). I have enabled the search feature as well, however the text recognition on the scans was automatic and has some problems.