Theodor (‘Teddy’) Kollek (1911-2007)

Home of Guilford and Diane Glazer
Beverley Hills, Los Angeles
24 February 1976

Kollek was born near Budapest and raised in Vienna. He was elected mayor of Jerusalem in 1965, a post he held for twenty-eight years. Kollek had heard of Schwartz’s portraits and asked mutual friends to make an introduction at their home in Los Angeles.

For the backdrop, Schwartz selected a processional painting depicting the return of the Ark of the Covenant by King David, who had retrieved it from the Philistines. In the background the city of Jerusalem may be seen. ‘What a setting for its modern-day Mayor!’, remarked the photographer in his diary.

Second photo:
Terrace of the Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem
24 November 1976

Kollek invited Schwartz and his wife, Ronny, to Jerusalem promising he would arrange any subjects desired. The image was later used on the cover of his book, 'For Jerusalem: A Life', written with his son, Amos Kollek.

Photo © The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation

Photo © The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation